If you have no idea what (or who) you are aiming for, you won’t even know if you hit them. You can stumble across what are often considered to be respectable conversion rates in the single digits.

Different lengths and types of content appeal to different users, and it is important to populate your website and blog with these types of content in order to reach the widest audience possible. Here are the four types of internet users along with the content that appeals to each.


Streakers are just what they sound like. These are internet users who are streaking through a search on the net, looking for a quick answer or a fast solution to a problem. They are often looking to make a purchase whether pre-planned or impulse and are just following through on a decision they’ve already made.

Alternatively, they are looking for a simple answer such as “How long do you boil an egg?” The key to getting this user’s attention is to have the best answer to their question, or the quickest and best checkout with the briefest product description.

While studies show that if a web page takes more than four seconds to load, the user will go somewhere else for answers, with the streaker it is often even quicker than that. You have only a second or two to get and hold their attention, and in order to earn a click in the first place, you must be in one of the top spots on Google. Users who go to page 2 are rare, but streakers never do.

Short form content, fast loading pages, quick answers, simple shopping and checkout features, brief product descriptions, and short video clips and even small infographics or photo essays all appeal to streakers. Content that takes just a moment to browse and understand is the best way to reach them.


Strollers are not in a huge hurry like their streaker counterparts, however, they are also not invested in a multiple-thread, lengthy search. Sometimes a stroller does not exactly know what they are looking for yet. They are at the point in the sales funnel where they know they have a want or need but have no clue what the solution might be.

In some cases, they may also not know they have a want or need, and by attracting their attention, you may be able to show it to them. Think of the stroller as a window shopper. Your objective is to attract and hold their attention.

The thing about strollers is that they are easily distracted. Appealing to them means medium form, medium length content, but it must also be well-written and informative content that is visually appealing and accurate. They will get bored with content that is too long and will close tabs quickly on content that is superficial.


The studier is different. This is a person who knows they have a want or a need but is into looking at all of their options. Price is not a factor for them in most cases, but features, reviews, detailed descriptions, and comparisons to similar products matter more.

This is the user who often conducts multi-thread searches with different keywords and phrases they use to narrow the results. Well-written long-form content goes a long way. Fluff content will earn a bounce and a “never visit your site again” result.

The kicker is as these users search and study, they are more likely to share or link to your content than others. Not only are they vested in their own solutions, they often like to share these solutions with others. If your content appeals to them and you have a good product to back it up, they will become your greatest ambassadors. Let them down, and well, things will go the opposite direction.

Studiers may leave your site and return after more research. Being an expert on your subject and providing informative content is the key to winning them over.


Researchers are the least common type of internet users, almost studiers on steroids. They are often students, journalists, or academics. They will share your content, but they are looking for fact-based and source backed materials. White papers, case studies, long-form articles, in-depth tutorials, and more appeal to them.

Your site will often earn links from researchers, as they will cite your work if it is authoritative enough yet engaging. These links will often be from high-authority sites that will boost your Google rankings and increase organic traffic. These links are typically relevant, and can actually earn you direct clicks too.

The idea behind knowing these users is to understand that you can structure content to appeal to them, but ideally you will convert streakers to strollers, slowing them down on your site. You will convert strollers to studiers, and studiers to researchers.

As you understand these types, you will better understand your marketing personas. This understanding will help you formulate and execute a content marketing strategy that will yield real results.

You can either stumble across decent conversion numbers, or you can be a rock star by appealing to all of the types of internet users, making your content desirable to all of them.

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